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Innovative Healthcare is pleased to announce the launching of the IHC Premium Patient Portal, an online option for subscribing IHC Patients to view, print and access to their personal medical records and information online, 24 hours a day.

A subscription to the Premium Patient Portal is $4.99 monthly, giving access to:

  • Review Medical Record
  • Message Dr. Stokes or Nurse Dhuey
  • Contact the Office by direct messaging
  • View and pay balances online
  • Appointment Scheduling requests
  • eVisit Capabilities with Dr. Stokes or Nurse Dhuey
  • Online Health Maintenance tools
  • Online Rx refill requests

Please note, due to HIPPA and privacy laws regarding medical records and patient information, Patient Portal access registration must occur in clinic with exceptions being made for out of town and extreme circumstances only on a case by case basis.


1. Make a request in Office or by Phone. At next clinic visit or walk-in anytime during office hours.

2. Subscribe Below. A current credit Card will be placed on file and charged $4.99 monthly. Subscriptions are renewed ever 6 months. (Please note: subsequently rejected/denied/expired cards will result in loss of Patient Portal access until reconciled)

3. Activate your Patient Portal access. Once you have subscribed and received your username / password, click the "Activate your account here" link at the top of the Login box below.

4. Bookmark this page. Congratulations! You now have access to patient documents, medical records, online appointment requests and e-Visit capability along with ability to make patient payments and view/pay past patient statements, online medication requests and more!

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